Nigerians Be Advised That LP is Not An Ideological Party, Obi Is Not A Visionary Leader—According to Daniel Bwala

Nigerians Be Advised That LP is Not An Ideological Party, Obi Is Not A Visionary Leader—According to Daniel Bwala

famous person Daniel Bwala used his verified Twitter account to voice his dissatisfaction with a symposium that the Nigerian Labour Party had hosted and that was attended by famous people like Pat Utomi and Peter Obi. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Expectations were low for the meeting, which was supposed to address relevant policy concerns and labor union demands, according to Bwala.

During the hours-long meeting, attendees reportedly failed to address any substantial policy matters or articulate alternative strategies to those implemented by the current administration led by President ABAT. Instead, the atmosphere was characterized by chants of “Take back your country,” reminiscent of motor park agents at bustling transit hubs as said by D. H Bwala.

Bwala expressed bewilderment at the lack of accountability and introspection displayed by the opposition leaders, particularly hoping for transparency regarding campaign expenditures and funding sources. He specifically highlighted Peter Obi’s failure to address concerns about financial support received from diaspora sources, including forex, cryptocurrencies, and other forms of currency.


Furthermore, Bwala questioned the credibility of the Labour Party as a viable opposition force, asserting that it lacks a coherent ideological framework. He also criticized Peter Obi’s leadership, dismissing him as lacking vision. Bwala went on to suggest that certain individuals, referred to as ‘Obidients,’ exploit the Labour Party and Peter Obi to propagate agendas of hate, disunity, and chaos, ultimately undermining national unity and patriotism.

In light of these revelations, Bwala cautioned Nigerians to be wary of political figures and parties that prioritize rhetoric over substance, urging citizens to demand transparency and accountability from their leaders.

The remarks made by Bwala have sparked debate across social media platforms, with many echoing his sentiments and calling for a more robust and principled opposition to hold the government accountable and drive positive change in the country. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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