Nigerian Guy Reveals Latest Method Yahoo Boys Use to Steal People’s Money Without an ATM or OTP: “Your Account Will Be Wiped”

Nigerian Guy Reveals Latest Method Yahoo Boys Use to Steal People's Money Without an ATM or OTP:
Concern has been expressed by a Nigerian man on the new tactics employed by internet scammers to deceive unwary victims.
He demonstrated how users might lose their account balances using a phone without disclosing their ATM cards, pins, or OTP.

Users of social media praised the man for his wise update as many acknowledged getting such unsolicited communications.
Engineer Victor, a Nigerian man, has revealed the latest scheme used by yahoo lads to con people out of their money.

He claimed that using this method, online scammers withdraw money from the accounts of their victims without using their ATM cards, pins, or even OTP……Continue Reading

carrying out a demonstration,he showed that what these fraudsters do is send unsolicited messages to their potential victims

Victor said that they get people’s numbers with a special application. He said that people would lose their money when they heed the instructions or do so little as click on the unsolicited message.

Engineer Victor said that banks can do nothing about it because it is done virtually.

He advised netizens to delete such messages immediately after they appear on their phones. His TikTok video reposted by Apostle Talker has generated massive reactions.

Social media reactions

“Thank you for the information but you join headache na. Just dey wound English upandan.”

“This video just save me I saw that message on my phone this morning but thank God I washed this video.”

“Have been seeing it recently. Awon oloruburuku somebody. Thanks for sharing.”

“I have been receiving that from unknown sender,I just delete them.”

“Honestly, I have been sent this unknown message and I click it but the problem is that, the number dey send it to. is not the one am using for my bank.”

“Jesus Christ …. I have been receiving this kind of message but I have always deleting it … thank you brother.”

Woman abroad shares how a yahoo boy almost scammed her
Meanwhile, Awardnobs previously reported that an abroad-based woman had shared how a yahoo boy almost duped her.

The woman revealed that after she refused to get the coins for a person, he then made a request of helping her to open a PayPal account.

According to the woman, the person kept pestering her to use her details to open either a foreign bank account or PayPal for him; requests the woman said “no” to.

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