Nigeria is positioned at the top of the AFCON Group A Qualifiers Table ahead of the Round 6 of the matches.

As the teams get ready for the sixth and final round of matches, the Group A qualifiers for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) are at a crucial juncture. The standings are as follows with only two teams from the group earning tickets to the competition: CONTINUE READING>>>>>


Nigeria, frequently regarded as one of the footballing titans of Africa, has performed admirably throughout this campaign. The Super Eagles have proven their superiority with 12 points from 5 games. To qualify for the AFCON, they only need a draw in the championship game.

Nigeria is closely pursued by Guinea-Bissau, who has 10 points. They are only two points behind the leaders and have been impressive. If they win their final game, they would be guaranteed a spot in the tournament and, if Nigeria loses, they might potentially finish first in their group.

Liberia Sierra
Although Sierra Leone has exhibited signs of potential, consistency has proven difficult. They have a difficult road ahead of them to reach the AFCON with only five points. To have any chance of moving on, they must win their final match and pray that other outcomes will go their way.

Sotomayor and Principe

With just one point, So Tomé and Prncipe finds itself at the bottom of the group. Although their chances of winning the AFCON have all but vanished, they can still play a spoiler in the championship round by possibly influencing the results of other teams’ games.

Tension and excitement are rising as the teams prepare for the last round of matches. Although Nigeria and Guinea-Bissau are in control, anything can happen in football because to its unpredictable nature. Despite having a difficult task ahead of it, Sierra Leone still has a statistical possibility of succeeding. As these teams compete for a spot in the renowned AFCON competition, the last round of Group A qualifications offers exhilarating football action and high-stakes drama. View the table below to see how it appears.…… Continue Your Reading

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