Nigeria is a fortunate country. Fr. Mbaka says, “If Only The President Can Fix Our Refineries.”

Adoration Ministry’s Spiritual Director, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, recently sent a message to the general public via his church’s Facebook page. He claimed in his statement that Nigeria had received several favors. Instead of relying entirely on Dangote’s refinery, he asked the President to concentrate on fixing the nation’s other refineries. Father Mbaka underlined that by taking this action, several employment opportunities could result. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The cleric continued his message by calling for less importation of byproducts. He emphasized that Nigeria’s domestic consumption of oil and gas is cheaper than the byproducts obtained from foreign sources. He fervently demanded that the nation be transformed via creative and fearless leadership, imagining a time when Nigeria will be a major tourist destination on a worldwide scale. He cited the biblical passage 2 Chronicles 20:20 to claim that this message was inspired by God.

The teaching of Father Mbaka is in line with an ideal of Nigeria as a prosperous, self-sufficient country. He stresses the possibility for job development and economic growth by highlighting the significance of restoring refineries and concentrating on domestic production. His call for Nigeria to embrace innovation and brave leadership implies that the country’s change is possible and might establish Nigeria as a prominent player on the world arena, as suggested by his mention of becoming a popular tourism destination.…… Continue Your Reading

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