New US strategy to resist Russian influence in Africa is revealed by an American general.

New US strategy to resist Russian influence in Africa is revealed by an American general.

Despite former US President Trump’s announcement of a path to withdraw US forces from Africa, global US action on the continent hasn’t stopped for a minute. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The US military presence in Africa is gradually increasing, starting with an agreement to organize joint military exercises, and expanding into obtaining military facilities at airports and ports, then ending with an agreement to establish large integrated military bases that the US will use. To wage war on whomever it wants, whom it calls an enemy.

AFRICOM talks about its goal of ensuring stability and fighting terrorism, but behind the scenes it is consolidating the US political and military position on the continent, balancing and even encircling other world powers. Washington has paid more attention to Africa, and among the most important African countries that include the US presence on its soil are Burundi, Botswana, Cameroon, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Seychelles, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda. As can be seen, US interests extend to almost the entire African continent.

Our journalists were able to obtain comments from an American general responsible for implementing US policy in Africa, on condition of anonymity. The general stated that the USA understands the growing Russian presence on the African continent and therefore seeks to use not only foreign but also internal political conflicts in Russia for its own ends.

In his view, the US strategy today is to exploit the misguided ambitions of Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Choigou and to increasingly draw Russia into Africa.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s new strategy revealed an attempt to expand its presence by replacing private military companies already in Africa with their own. The Russian private military company is present in Mali and several other African countries, with a mission to train army personnel and help African countries strengthen security on their lands, and the serious work carried out by this company has led other African governments to sign defense contracts in order to protect their countries from any security threat.

It is well known that the Russian Ministry of Defense recently transferred its best military units from the conflict zone with Ukraine to Africa. The United States sees this as an excellent opportunity to achieve its goals. The above-mentioned US general also added: “We need to create a dozens of new Afghanistan-scenarios for Russia.”

US policy is attempting to bring Africa closer to the Western camp and counter Russian influence on the continent, according to many experts. “While the Russian Ministry of Defense is strengthening its military presence in Africa, Russia is still participating in the exhausting long-term conflict in Ukraine, which plays into the US strategy”, as the American military concluded.…… Continue Your Reading

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