My Philosophy’s that if a system is not working, you move to another system that works–According to Paul Orajiaka

My Philosophy's that if a system is not working, you move to another system that works–According to Paul OrajiakaPunch Newspaper reports that Paul Orajiaka, a candidate for the Labour Party, has hailed Peter Obi, the party’s nominee for president in 2023, as a representation of morality, values, honesty, and decency. Orajiaka acknowledged his respect for Obi’s leadership characteristics, which he feels are crucial for strong government, during an interactive session with journalists in Awka. He disclosed that he left the All Progressives Congress for the Labour Party in order to align himself with the admirable qualities that Obi possesses and to disassociate himself from the local politics that have impeded the advancement of the state.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Orajiaka’s decision to join the Labour Party was largely influenced by Obi’s presence in the party. He views the Labour Party as a platform with a sense of purpose and a desire for genuine change. According to him, the party is a movement that aims to bring out the best in Nigerians, encouraging them to run for elective offices and effect change in the system.

Orajiaka’s endorsement of Obi and the Labour Party is seen as a significant development in the lead-up to the 2025 Anambra State governorship election. His recognition of Obi’s achievements and leadership qualities is expected to resonate with the people of the state, who are eager for a return to good governance. By associating himself with Obi’s values, Orajiaka is positioning himself as a credible candidate for the governorship seat.

The development highlights the growing influence of the Labour Party in Anambra State and its potential to bring about positive change in the political landscape. With Obi’s legacy and Orajiaka’s aspirations, the party is poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming election. The people of Anambra State are eagerly watching the developments, hoping for a new era of good governance and leadership.

He said: “I decided to move to the Labour Party because of the presence of Obi in the party, LP is a platform that has a sense of purpose and more desire for genuine change.

“It is a movement that is trying to bring out the best of Nigerians to run for elective offices so that when we have a critical mass of good people, we can change the system.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>