My husband and I were urged not to separate by a friend after seeing the trending news, according to Simi

Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, also known as Simi, is a well-known and talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, and artist. In a recent Instagram story video, Simi revealed how a friend begged her and Adekunle Gold not to split up after he saw the rumors of their potential split trending online. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Simi created the video to express her complete displeasure with how bloggers and Nigerians alike take celebrity jokes too seriously and give the people the wrong information.

The singer claimed that she had filmed a humorous video in which she questioned her followers if she should end her marriage to Adekunle Gold because he had unintentionally uttered an h-factor while working on a song. Bloggers shared the humorous video all over the internet and on social media, leading others to believe she was divorcing her husband for no other reason than the h-factor.

Simi went on to say that a friend who had seen the trending news had approached her and Adekunle Gold and begged them to stay married.

“Someone needs to check on Nigerian media and mental health because you all do too much,” she added in her own words. Someone inquired if I am going blind after I wrote that I will soon be wearing glasses, and my brother even called to tell me he read about it in the papers. Given everything going on in Nigeria, why are you posting the joke I created for a newspaper? You uploaded Simi. I also wondered if I should end my marriage after playfully tweeting that my husband has an h-factor. My husband was approached by a friend who begged us both not to divorce because he had just read the popular news.…… Continue Your Reading

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