Mustapha Sani:”A person tried to give a corporal tip and the officer said do you think I’m poor again”

CSP Sani:"People Don't like to see black uniform of police That's why I and other officers wear mufti"According to CSP El-Mustapha Sani, the head of the Police Complaint Response Unit, police officers received extremely little money prior to the late Yar’Adua becoming president. He said that Yar’Adua greatly raised police salaries after becoming government.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video shared by Channels TV, Sani said after Yar’Adua increased police salaries, he saw someone who tried to give a tip to a police corporal but the officer refused. He said the officer told the person that he was no longer poor. He also said the pay raise made life more comfortable for police officers and as a result, issues like bribery decreased significantly.

In Sani’s words: “A person tried to give a corporal at that time a tip and the officer said do you think I am poor again, I am not poor. These were the reactions of police officers at that particular time but you know the salary has never been reviewed again”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>