Mr Okupe:”In 1970, UK Was 55.9m Nigeria Was 55.6m, But By 2023 UK Rose To 67m, Nigeria Grew To 220m”

Mr Okupe:"In 1970, UK Was 55.9m Nigeria Was 55.6m, But By 2023 UK Rose To 67m, Nigeria Grew To 220m"The former director general of the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council, Mr. Doyin Okupe, has expressed sympathy for the recent declaration issued by former President Muhammadu Buhari, which calls on Nigerians to confront the country’s rapidly increasing population.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In his response, Mr Okupe emphasized that former President Buhari’s cautionary words regarding uncontrolled population growth are particularly relevant given the current economic challenges, widespread poverty, and severe food shortages faced by the nation. He highlighted the stark contrast between the population growth rates of the United Kingdom and Nigeria since 1970.

Mr Okupe pointed out that in 1970, the population of the United Kingdom stood at 55.9 million, while Nigeria’s population was 55.6 million. However, by 2022, the United Kingdom’s population had increased to 67 million, representing an approximate 20% growth, while Nigeria’s population had skyrocketed to around 220 million, marking an astonishing 300% increase.

Mr Doyin Okupe conveyed his views on the matter through a post on his official X (formerly Twitter) handle, where he reacted to former President Buhari’s recent statement.

In his post, he wrote: “Buhari’s caution on uncontrolled population growth is very apt, in the face of severe economic decline, ravaging poverty and acute food shortage. In 1970 UK population was 55.9m while Nigeria was 55.6m. But by 2022 UK rose to 67m ( approx 20%)and Nigeria grew to about 220m ( approx 300%!!!)”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>