Mr Jollof said. “One season wonder, Osimhen blocked me on IG because I advised him to apologize to Finidi”


After Super Eagles forward Victor Osimhen blocked him on Instagram, well-known Nigerian content creator, social media influencer, and show host Mr. Jollof reacted on social media. Recently, Mr. Jollof posted a video on his official Instagram profile, revealing that Victor Osimhen blocked him after he told him to apologize to Finidi George.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“In his Words”

“One Season Wonder, Victor Osimhen block me for Instagram, You see this life ehh, wetin Erigga sing say ’99 good plus 1 bad makes you a bad person’, na true o. So if I correct you Victor Osimhen and you no like how I correct you, you no fit say ‘Jollof the way you reason this matter no be so dem dey reason oo, see wetin sup’, nah to just block me straight. The way you talked to Finidi George was very wrong, first of all go and apologize to the coach, naso I go still advice you but you no wan hear my advice, you believe that you are a king”.

“I senior you with 12 years, you think if you block me I will die? I have never benefitted anything from you, I have never asked anything from you, I don’t need anything from you. When I dey promote your name for Nations Cup wey you dey, you wey be Africa Footballer of the year dey score just one goal. You are worth over 130 million pounds, since the day you insulted Finidi George on social media, your worth as a player has reduced more than twice, even your club now wan drive you, clubs are not even coming for you, it’s that bad”.

“Na me and Lionel Messi, the best player in history nah em be mate, so if I fit correct you i fit correct Messi. The most decorated player in Nigeria, Mikel Obi I corrected him he didn’t block me, when he even saw me in the club, he was talking like a normal human being”, Mr Jollof said and it stirred massive reactions from the general public. Click on the link below to watch the video.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>