Mr Idam:”One Of Cabinet Members Of Tinubu Sunk ₦48Bn From His State’s Treasury Into Building Airport”

Mr Idam:"One Of Cabinet Members Of Tinubu Sunk ₦48Bn From His State's Treasury Into Building Airport"Human rights advocate and attorney from Nigeria, Mr. Mmaduabuchi Idam, has stated that President Tinubu nominated career politicians to positions of cabinet rank. He has also revealed that one of President Bola Tinubu’s cabinet members embezzled ₦48 billion from the meager funds of his state to construct an abandoned airport while he served as governor.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking further, he made it known that lavishing the sum of ₦48 billion out of the state’s budget to build a colourful airport that serves no purpose, was the height of economic cluelessness that could be exhibited by any leader anywhere in the world.

According to Daily Post, Mr Idam made this disclosure in a statement he released, stating it clearly that Tinubu’s decision to appoint former governors whose economic trajectory was building bridges and culverts won’t help his government in any way.

Some parts of the statement read: “One of the cabinet members of President Tinubu sunk 48 billion naira from his state’s poor treasury into building an idle airport that has remained fallow till date, even after one year of its commissioning.”

The human rights activist went on and claimed that no plane has either landed in Ebonyi State Airport or taken off from it, since the stage-managed landing by the former governor of the state, Dave Umahi, during the commissioning of the airport in 2023.

In addition, he urged the Ebonyi State House of Assembly to commence an investigation, into the ₦48 billion spent by the former Kogi State Governor in building the airport. He went on and noted that the people of Ebonyi State can’t sit down and watch their common wealth wasted on white elephant projects.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>