Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode I don’t like you, Your Excellence.

Yesterday was ogas’ 60th, and I sent in a strong message of support and subservience
If you knw me u will knw that I do not joke with Mr Ambode for the selfish reason that he was the first Executive Governor to have ever called me in this my life, the second being the amiable and gently sweet Governor of Kwara State – the handsome AbumdulRahman AbdulrasaqCONTINUE READING>>>>>

It was a bright Sunday afternoon when my phone rang, hold on for His Excellency, the yoruba voice said
Which Excellency o, bf I knew it the voice came on the line – Duke I am coming for the drink. Ohhhh my God . It was Mr Ambode

I had written on my colunm that since he was treasurer of Shomolu local Government at some point, he shd meet me at Bajulaiye road for drinks….. Continue Your Reading

I screamed Your Excellency how are you and he said fine. Edgar, I have seen your proposal and like what you are doing in the entertainment industry, and as such, I have approved your request. Please see the Perm SEC Culture he will be expecting you

I dropped the phone and immediately peed my pants. Did he just call me? Did he just say approved. I cried
I didn’t know anybody from Adam in that Lagos State establishment. They were doing Lagos at 50, and I felt that since I was born here and lived my whole life here, let me too contribute

I sent in my proposal to stage Isale Eko and the demons in that Alausa thrashed it. Then, started tossing me from one office to the other. It was when I got to Surveyor General office that I said to myself enough
I now wrote directly to His Excellency, seeking his understanding and the need to stage this play reminding him that he had close affinity to shomolu
Took the letter to his office. Didn’t knw anybody and met one policeman at the gate – Fatai

He was nice and was of the Bomb squad. I said, “My brother, I want drop letter for the governor,and he smiled and said, “give me.” I said, “But you are of the Bomb squad, and he smiled and said, “Don’t worry.”

Three weeks later, the call from His Excellency that almost killed me came
Ambode is a lot of things to Lagosians. He is a leader who came too early, and even his worst enemies will say he didn’t play the politics well, but none will say he didn’t do well
He turned Lagos into a huge construction site. His push in infrastructure, transport, and the rest made him stand out
His archiles heel was attempting to reform the environment. Lagos was a dump site, and he brought in an international conglomerate to modernise refuse disposal. Raised a bond and brought in massive infrastructure that would not only clean up Lagos but also push towards renewable energy
This was one insult too much. He had touched the tail of the tiger. The boys and brown toothed denizens of the party could no longer ‘eat

Well, all 52 local government chairmen in an uncharacteristic show of yellow livererd cowardice moved against him, and the establishment went against the people and pushed at their governor
We walked o. The whole length of Ikorodu road in protest. We landed on the grounds of his office, and we sat on the grass to listen to him speak against the forces of tyranny, but it was all too late

The forces that had captured the state had spoken, and there was nothing ideals or vision could do to fight
The bellicose push of greed, self-centered politicking, and crass naked crave to hold on to power at the expense of a good man had spoken

Luckily, this wasn’t a hot-headed guerrilla that would build an army and fight back, throwing the state into an orgy of blood, letting
This was a civil, Havard trained technocrat morphed into an abiding Democrat who would rather pack his bags and go back to Epe in peace.

He left but didn’t leave as he remains super popular with his landmark achievement still standing in true honor to his vision
So yesterday when Tapa called and said, ‘ Duke, I no see you o. I say for where wetin dey happen. He said Ambode house na

We dey do party every body dey here even Sanwo-Olu. Whey you, pple dey ask for you.

I say Excellency no invite me na. He said just come, he go happy say you comI say I no fit do ‘mogbo moya’ at 54. The man talked to me for 1 minute, we discuss the joys of Afang and he even threatened to bust my house for yaba and he didn’t invite me. I no come I don veTapa says ok, no problem, dem no kuku get afang, so no worry.

I say na dt yoruba stew with all the pepper go give una pile for this thing wey una do me so.
Anyway, Ambode remains a very strong and forthright leader. As he told me, Edgar, you and Bolanle are taking the entertainment space to another level. If only we could see the invisible contributions to the GDP you all are making…

Excellency na GDP you dey tell me while Tapa dey chop rice for you house. It’s ok.

If I talk now, you go say I get bad belle… ok I no vex o

Happy birthday, sir

*Duke of Shomolu*

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