mother “I still remember with sadness how the police opened my legs and were playing with my genitals.”

Victoria Agori, a 52-year-old mother and evangelist whose 21-year-old son, Daniel Agori, was shot in her presence by police officers assigned to the IG Police Monitoring Unit in Rivers State on May 11, 2019, has described the terrible ordeal she went CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The mother of the deceased said in an exclusive interview with Punch Newspaper that she has not yet fully recovered from losing her son.

She claims that the loss of her kid and the police’s inability to locate the body are gradually harming her…… Continue Your Reading

She claimed that the sad event still has an impact on her evangelism.

Hear her. For instance, I might be speaking in another context or preaching when suddenly, without warning, my thoughts would turn to the occurrence, and you would sense a change in my attitude. She stated

She recalled the incident and recalled how the police had harassed her.

It has caused me trauma. They (policemen) spread my legs and played with my genitalia, and I still remember it with sadness. The mother was quoted by Punch Newspaper as stating

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