Mosab Hassan Yousef:”War in Gaza Was Inevitable, Removing Hamas From Power Has Been The Only Solution”

Mosab Hassan Yousef:"War in Gaza Was Inevitable, Removing Hamas From Power Has Been The Only Solution"The son of a Hamas founder, Mosab Hassan Yousef, made forceful claims about the current situation in Gaza in a recent message posted on his verified Twitter account. Yousef contends that using the “occupation” or what he refers to as “Palestinian failure” to justify murder against Israel might create a dangerous precedent and possibly incite “worldwide Islamic bloodlust.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Yousef, now a vocal critic of Hamas and an advocate for peace, emphasized that the recent war in Gaza was an unavoidable outcome. He contends that removing Hamas from power is essential to prevent future tragedies in Gaza. According to Yousef, a ceasefire that allows Hamas to remain in control would only endorse their tactics, particularly their use of human shields. He warned that such a ceasefire would serve the interests of those who exploit children’s suffering for their agenda, rather than providing a genuine solution to the conflict.

Yousef’s remarks reflect his belief that compassion towards civilian casualties and children should not deter the international community from addressing what he views as the root cause of Islamic violence. He stresses that the ultimate responsibility lies in eradicating these underlying factors to prevent further bloodshed.

Highlighting the unintended consequences of a ceasefire under the current circumstances, Yousef argues that it would be an emotional response with potentially devastating future implications. He insists that maintaining Hamas in power would only perpetuate the cycle of violence and suffering.

Yousef also pointed out that no rational individual in Israel desired the war or the associated political and economic fallout.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>