Money That Could Procure Over 10 50kg Bags Of Rice In 2015 Can Only Buy One Now – According to Farah Dagogo

Money That Could Procure Over 10 50kg Bags Of Rice In 2015 Can Only Buy One Now - According to Farah DagogoDr. Farah Dagogo, a former member of the National Assembly, has voiced alarm over the declining value of the Nigerian Naira, saying that ₦40,000 in 2015 is now worth more than ₦500,000. In a story published on Saturday, Punch stated that he pleaded with President Bola Tinubu’s Federal Government to carry out economic measures that would lessen the suffering of Nigerians.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In an Eid-ul-Adha message he issued through his media aide, Ibrahim Lawal, Dagogo described the current living standards as “grim” and expressed worry that all indicators point to further hardships for citizens.

He lamented that despite abundant natural resources, Nigerians have continued to suffer due to anti-people economic policies.

The former lawmaker noted that the purchasing power of Nigerians has drastically reduced, with the value of money remaining stagnant since 2015.

He emphasized that the government’s promises and policies have not positively impacted the majority of Nigerians, urging the government to take action and renew hope for the citizens.

He said that money that could be used to purchase 10 50kg bags of rice in 2015 could only be used to buy just one bag now. He said that something must be done about the economic hardship in the country because Nigerians cannot continue this way.

He said, “Anti-people and inhuman economic policies have helped put the people in a terrible state. Money that could comfortably procure over 10 50kg bags of rice in 2015 can only buy one now, yet no improvement in the real money in the hands of people.

“Something has to give way, this cannot continue. These sufferings and hardships have to be remedied. Unfortunately, optics point to further pains for the citizenry.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>