Ministerial Appointees: Dr. Mahdi Shehu, “What Tinubu Gave To S/West Is Like Having An Oduduwa Republic,”

President Bola Tinubu’s latest appointments in the South West, according to political activist Dr. Mahdi Shehu, are indicative of establishing an Oduduwa republic. He clarified that he does not perceive many differences between President Tinubu and President Buhari in an interview with Arise TV news. He asserts that these new cabinet appointments have significantly increased the South West’s influence across a number of areas. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

His assessment is that President Tinubu’s picks resemble those made by President Buhari in the past. He views these appointments as though two parts of a puzzle had just come together flawlessly. The CBN’s chief executive officer and numerous other key positions in banking, finance, and the economy now fall under the purview of the South West. They appear to have received numerous significant keys.

Dr. Shehu provides several illustrations. He discusses banks, financial institutions, and even the ministry in charge of managing the nation’s finances. He claims that practically everything is impacted, including the marine industry, transportation, power, and even the oil industry. He continues by saying that President Tinubu serves in a capacity akin to that of the head of the oil industry or even the President of the entire nation. He believes that the South West region has become extremely powerful as a result of these nominations, almost like establishing a new Oduduwa republic. All of this is a result of his perception that Presidents Buhari and Tinubu are not giving enough thought to the concerns of the populace.

Hear him: “We are going to tell it very clearly now: there is no difference between Buhari and Tinubu. Take what flows to the South West, for instance. The CBN ranks first, but because Emefiele is currently in control, no new CBN governor will be appointed. And the man serving as the CBN governor is a South West native.90% of microfinance banks, all commercial banks, financial institutions, the ministry of finance, and the ministers who coordinate the economy, marine and blue economy, power, transport, and petroleum. Additionally to serving as President and Senior Minister of Petroleum. Now, if you visualize what Tinubu delivered to the South West, it’s comparable to the emergence of the Oduduwa republic.…… Continue Your Reading

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