Mikel Arteta made 3 costly errors that caused Arsenal to struggle against Palace yesterday.

Although Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace was a success, it was hardly a performance to be proud of. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The majority of the game was spent with the Gunners controlling possession, but they had trouble turning that advantage into quality scoring chances.

An unimpressive performance was the result of Mikel Arteta’s tactical and stylistic decisions, which appeared to limit their offensive effectiveness.

One obvious error was Mikel Arteta’s continued testing of Kai Havertz in the central midfield position.

Which hasn’t led to any appreciable good results. Havertz shown great pressing abilities and off-the-ball movement in the most recent match against Crystal Palace. His contribution in terms of originality and attacking play, though, was somewhat lacking.

The decision to favor Gabriel Martinelli over Leandro Trossard was another dubious decision. Recent performances have demonstrated that Trossard has greater influence than Martinelli, making Arteta’s selection of the latter puzzling.

In the game against Crystal Palace, Martinelli’s difficulties on the wings were clear, as both his passing and overall performance fell short of expectations. Moving forward, putting experience and form above all else should be a major consideration in Arteta’s hiring procedure.

Playing players outside of their natural places was one tactical error that might have had serious repercussions.

While Thomas Partey was able to play the right side of defense admirably, the danger of using players who are out of position was illustrated when Partey’s tackle on Eze might have cost Crystal Palace a penalty.

To prevent unneeded weaknesses, Arteta should think about constantly using players in their preferred roles.…… Continue Your Reading

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