Mike Bamiloye Warns Those Who Attack And Disrespect Pastors And Men of God “Fear For Your Future”

Mike Bamiloye Warns Those Who Attack And Disrespect Pastors And Men of God "Fear For Your Future"Popular gospel actor and evangelist Mike Bamiloye has sent out a strong warning to those who disparage and assault pastors and other men of God. He issued a warning, saying that doing so could have grave repercussions, such as attracting unwarranted curses and changing one’s destiny. “Fear for your future!” Bamiloye let out a cry. “Some people were slain by arrogance. Certain men of God are simply untouchable. These men of God are simply too deadly to play with because they always have fire around them.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Bamiloye acknowledged that there are fake and compromised men of God, but emphasized that not all pastors should be lumped together and judged harshly. “Be very careful not to lump all men of god together into one trailer, going to the slaughter slab,” he warned.

He referenced biblical examples, such as David’s refusal to harm King Saul, despite having the opportunity, and Elijah’s fiery confrontation with the king’s soldiers. “The LORD forbid that I should do this thing to my master, the LORD’s anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the LORD,” David said (1 Samuel 24:6).

Bamiloye cautioned against disrespecting and insulting genuine men of God, citing the example of Michal, who incurred a curse for despising David’s worship. “Therefore Michal the daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death,” he noted (2 Samuel 6:23).

His message is a call to caution and respect for spiritual leaders, emphasizing that not all men of God are the same, and some deserve our respect and reverence. “Fear for your future!” he repeated. “Why? Because they had insulted some genuine men of God who Carry some fires that is meant for the Devil.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>