Mike Bamiloye Explains Why Some Children of God Experience Life-Long Suffering

Popular Gospel actor and evangelist Mike Bamiloye recently posted a message to the world on his official Facebook page with the subject line “Following Him Truly.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He asserted that it is impossible to follow the Lord without making certain self-denials. Matthew left his tax office to join the Master as Peter and his companions left the large fish catch. Some things will be taken from your hands if you follow Him. To follow him, you will have to let go of some things and take up a cross of affliction and commitment.

The cause of some Children of God’s suffering in life was then disclosed by him. Some of God’s children still experience difficulties in life, he continued, because they did not devote their entire lives to serving the Lord. The Lord had warned them to leave their bad companions behind, but despite serving Him, they continue to hang around with them. While some sisters continue to serve the Lord, they nevertheless find it difficult to divorce their non-Christian fiancés.

He said, “Some brothers adore the Lord and serve Him, but they do not fully follow Him since it is difficult for them to do so from their non-believing fiancées. Even some fiancés and fiancées are believers, but it is clear that they are not God’s will, and yet they are obstinately making the trek to the Altar, where they will have no more luck finding bus stops.…… Continue Your Reading

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