Maxwell Opara:”I’m disappointed in Wike; I thought this would be the first thing he’d do as Minister”

Attorney Maxwell Opara chastised a senator in an AIT interview for his comments on Fulani herders, pointing out that the lawmaker’s constituents face exceedingly difficult living conditions.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Opara highlighted the plight of young herders, often starting as early as seven or ten years old, who travel great distances with their cattle from Borno to Bayelsa, living in the bush without access to basic amenities.

He found it unacceptable that the senator, who resides comfortably in Asokoro, would claim that Fulani herders do not seek schools or better housing. According to Opara, these herders are in dire need of improved living conditions and essential services like education and healthcare.

Opara stressed that the senator’s comments reflect a disconnect from the reality faced by the Fulani herders.

He argued that these individuals deserve much better treatment and should not be ignored or misunderstood by those who represent them.

The lawyer passionately advocated for the rights of the herders, calling for greater awareness and action to address their difficult circumstances.

Additionally, Opara expressed his disappointment in Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). He criticized Wike for not prioritizing the improvement of living conditions for Fulani herders upon assuming office.

Opara expected Wike to address this issue immediately, given the severe hardships faced by the herders. He believed that improving their living conditions should have been one of the first actions taken by Wike as FCT Minister.

He said that, “I am disappointed in Wike because I thought this is the first thing he would have even done as soon as he resumed as the Minister of FCT.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>