Martin Amaewhule On Behalf Of His Colleagues, Read About Their Defection – According to Darlington Orji


Caretaker Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area in Rivers State, Darlington Orji, has denounced as “dishonourable” the acts of the MPs who recently left their political party.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In an interview with Arise News, Orji expressed disappointment and frustration with the defecting lawmakers, including Martins Amaewhule, who read the defection notice on the floor of the house. Orji, who served as the PRO during the campaign period that brought the lawmakers to power, emphasized that their actions violate Section 109(1g) of the constitution, which mandates automatic loss of seat for defecting lawmakers when there is no crisis in their party.

In his words;

“What’s happening in Rivers State is that a group of young men that we campaigned for. Like I told you, I was the PRO during the campaign period of the election that brought Amaewhule the other members in and these were men that say they’re Honorable members. People refer to them as Honourable members and they’re doing dishonourable things. They read in the floor of the house about their defection. Martins Amaewhule read on behalf on his colleagues and section 109(1g) is very clear that when you defect when there are no crisis in your party, of course, you automatically loose your seat”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>