Many of the current Tinubu-selected ministers lack integrity, but I won’t name any of them – Umar Ardo

Umar Ardo, an SDP candidate for governor in Adamawa State, has publicly questioned the honesty of a few of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s choices for ministerial positions. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Umar Ardo, who appeared in an interview on Channels television this morning, claimed that the Nigerian system had failed and that there was a serious issue if people who were in charge of the collapse were kept in place.

As shown on Channels television this morning, in his own words…

“There are so many of them, but I wouldn’t want to name them. There are several ministerial nominees who were now chosen by President Tinubu but who lack integrity. And we are aware of the reality that this country has fallen apart, with numerous factors contributing to Nigeria’s demise, including the manner in which the main actors in the system are run. There is a significant issue when individuals who brought about the collapse of the system are allowed to continue running it.…… Continue Your Reading

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