Man Who Died During Sex Romp’s Room Had Tramadol and Black Bullet Drinks, Police Say

After allegedly having a protracted sexual experience with his female partner on Friday, Otubong, a barber from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, passed dead. Otubong reportedly took the woman inside his room on Thursday night in the heavily popular Mile 2 area. The middle-aged male is thought to have ingested alcohol and sex-stimulating medications. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

However, a neighbor who went to check on him on Friday morning found his room door unlocked. The neighbor noticed the open door and was alarmed. He went into the room and found the man’s lifeless body. The neighbor immediately alerted the other neighbors and called the police.

Two black bullet drinks, two packs of tramadol, and another sex-stimulant substance were discovered in Otubong’s room, a police source told PunchNews. Before the incident was formally reported to the Azikiwe Police, the occurrence grabbed the attention of surrounding residents, who came to confirm the rumors. Given the situation, it is currently unknown where the female companion is.

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