Man Killed by Beating for Missing Phone Discovered with Accuser’s Daughter

Man Killed by Beating for Missing Phone Discovered with Accuser's DaughterOutrage has been generated by a terrible occurrence in Delta State when a man was beaten to death by local security watch group members over a lost phone, only for the phone to be discovered later in the accuser’s daughter’s hands. PUNCH claims that SP Bright Edafe, the public relations officer for the Delta State Police Command, revealed the specifics of the deadly altercation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to SP Bright Edafe, in a statement posted on X on Tuesday, “Someone was accused of stealing a phone, a member of Anioma Security Watch mobilised his colleagues to beat him up till he died. They ran away after killing him.”

In a surprising twist, Edafe revealed, “Guess what? The phone was found with the daughter of the woman who raised the alarm.” This revelation has intensified criticisms against the perpetrators of the deadly assault and raised concerns about the prevalence of vigilante justice in the region.

Edafe used the opportunity to advocate against jungle justice, a term described by Researchgate as “a form of public extrajudicial killings where an alleged criminal is humiliated, beaten or summarily executed by a crowd, vigilante or any other non-governmental law enforcement agencies.”

He underscored the dangers and unlawfulness of such actions, urging for due process to be upheld at all times.

Despite the gravity of the incident, Edafe did not disclose the victim’s identity or confirm any arrests made in connection with the killing.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>