“LP caught us off guard in the previous election, and we must prevent a repetition of such tragedy,” Ajiboye, Biodun

APC Chairman Biodun Ajiboye recently stated that the party is making every effort to prevent a repeat of what transpired in the most recent presidential election ahead of the next gubernatorial elections.

They were caught off guard by Peter Obi’s victory in Lagos State during the previous presidential election, but they now know what to do to avoid a repeat of that in the upcoming gubernatorial elections, according to Biodun Ajiboye in a recent interview on Arise Television.

He added that most people do not realize the significance of a Labour Party victory in Lagos State.

In his own words

“We were mostly taken off guard; it was an assault on our political stronghold and stability. Since the Labour Party unexpectedly arrived, we are now fully awake and aware of what needs to be done to prevent a repeat of this catastrophe “Biodun Ajiboye said something that sparked a lot of public outrage.

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