Lianne Sanderson explains why Caicedo chose Chelsea over Liverpool and why that was a mistake.

As a result of the ‘instability’ at Stamford Bridge, former England star Lianne Sanderson claims that Ecuadorian player Moises Caicedo should have chosen Anfield instead of Chelsea. This has caused some controversy regarding Caicedo’s choice of team. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Liverpool made an astounding £111 million bid to Brighton, giving Caicedo the chance to sign with the Reds.

Despite this, Caicedo stated that Chelsea was where he wanted to play, and they ultimately signed him for £115 million.

Former Lionesses forward Lianne Sanderson expressed her surprise at Caicedo’s selection, underscoring Chelsea’s tumultuous situation.

The West Londoners’ performance in the Premier League past season was poor, and there were management changes between Thomas Tuchel and Frank Lampard. The ambiguity was further increased by Graham Potter’s interim leadership.

Despite Mauricio Pochettino’s potential for development, Sanderson expressed concern over Chelsea’s transfer strategy. Sanderson doubts the club’s stability as a result of a huge investment of about £1 billion made on relatively inexperienced players.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Sanderson stated, “There’s no stability at that club. And for that reason, I find it surprising that Moises Caicedo chose Chelsea. Mauricio Pochettino and Chelsea are a powerful soccer team, but they are fragile. What are they now doing? Last season, they placed 12th in the Premier League.…… Continue Your Reading

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