“Leave my house”: Nigerian lady sends little daughter packing for taking her husband, funny video trends

A Nigerian woman entered the new year with a resolution not to tolerate side chicks in her house

In a funny video, she attempted to send her little daughter packing, having identified her as her husband’s side chick

The mum hilariously led the innocent kid out of her house with a travelling bag as she urged her to leave

A funny video of a Nigerian woman sending her little daughter packing for being her husband’s side chick has left netizens in stitches. The woman said that she would not tolerate any side chick in 2023 and got to work by ‘dealing’ with her daughter.

In a TikTok video, she led her kid outside their house with a big box and shouted that she should leave. She stated that she was tired of her daughter being the side chick. Her little kid watched innocently as her mother positioned a travel bag beside her as if being real.

Many people threw their weight behind her kid.

Watch the video below:


Because this 2023 I will show sidechick shege if she did not leave my house alone @segunboa #foryoupage #fypシ #viral #trending #funny #foryou #cruise #funnyvideo #😂 #laugh #bidtex #mercy9 #segunboa

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Social media reactions to funny video ireayo said: “She doesn’t need to carry box her husband Will buy multiple of clothes.” Only_Mine said: “She is running because she want to go open d gate so u can leave her nd her husband alone.”

Jessica Chimaka said: “Let your husband cash you then we will know who will leave the house.” Ogbonna Kelechi said: “Madam if you’re tired of her leave the house and let her be.” Paul Otaigbe said: “U dis woman sha u 1 go ur papa house u no go let our lil angel be in her man houses abi sha u 1 cry.” user1921076218508 said: “Bia main chick u are looking for our trouble o make we no con find u.”

Woman says her daughter is now her husband’s side chick Meanwhile, previously reported that a woman had lamented over her daughter being her husband’s side chick. The funny mother lamented that she always wanted a male child so nobody can take her place in her husband’s heart. However, she gave birth to a beautiful girl and her fears came to reality as her husband became fond of his baby girl. Several videos spotted on the mother’s TikTok account @nushy_hills show the doting father and his daughter gushing over each other.


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