Lamido Sanusi:Aminu Danagundi, People were stoning him, meaning that They’re not happy with him

Lamido Sanusi:Aminu Danagundi, People were stoning him, meaning that They're not happy with himThe Sarkin Dawaki Babba of the Kano Emirate, Aminu Babba Danagundi, asked pointed questions regarding the peculiar circumstances surrounding the appointment of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II in an insightful interview with Arise TV. Danagundi emphasized the covert character of Sanusi’s installation, pointing out that it took place at night, something he claimed was unheard of in the lengthy history of the Emirate.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Danagundi pointed out that this secretive installation at 2:30 a.m. marked a significant departure from over 200 years of tradition in Kano. Such an unusual procedure, he argued, indicates a deeper issue, suggesting a lack of public support for the newly appointed emir.

The Sarkin Dawaki Babba further revealed the widespread disapproval of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II’s rule among the people. He cited the hostile reception Sanusi faced during his public appearances, describing scenes where people openly expressed their dissatisfaction by stoning him.

Danagundi underscored the gravity of the public’s discontent by recalling the chaos that ensued immediately following Sanusi’s appointment. He mentioned the riots that erupted in Kano, suggesting that the violence was a direct response to the controversial nature of Sanusi’s selection. In his critique, Danagundi questioned the logic behind appointing an emir who clearly lacked popular support. He reiterated his point by asking why such an appointment would need to be carried out in secrecy if the chosen leader genuinely had the backing of the people.

According to him, “If you were watching the film (the procession), he was stoned; people were stoning him, meaning that they’re not happy with him. And if you can recapitulate your memory, when they appointed Sanusi, there was a riot in Kano. Go back to your records; there was a riot in Kano. In fact, they have to move him with area thugs to the palace, and like we said, if you appoint an emir that people like, why did you appoint him and take him to the palace by 2:30 in the night? It is never done in the history of Kano over 200 years; it has never been done.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>