Kenneth Okonkwo:”I Left APC Because I Didn’t Like What They Were Doing Anymore”

Kenneth Okonkwo:"I Left APC Because I Didn't Like What They Were Doing Anymore"Kenneth Okonkwo, a former member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has again talked about his reasons for leaving the ruling party. In an interview with News Central TV, Okonkwo clarified that the reason he left the party was because they had broken their campaign promises.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He continued by saying that although the APC made pledges to fight corruption, give workers a livable wage, and achieve a one-naira-to-one-dollar exchange rate, none of these things had materialized.

In his words, “I left APC because I didn’t like what they were doing anymore. APC promised one naira to one dollar; have you seen it?”

“APC promised a living wage for workers; have you seen it? The APC promised anti-corruption; have you seen it? APC promised everything that they could promise.”

Okonkwo accused the APC of being hypocritical. He pointed out that they had demonstrated against former President Goodluck Jonathan for partially removing the petrol subsidy but then withdrew them entirely themselves.

He said that the APC is not a realistic choice for Nigeria and urged the party to apologize to its fellow citizens for instilling misplaced aspirations.

He stated, “They were the ones who were going on the street against Goodluck because he partially removed the subsidy.”

“Now, they have fully removed the subsidy, and there is nothing to show for it. People are dying; Nigerians are deprived, so APC is not an option. They should apologize to Nigerians for what they are doing.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>