Kenneth Okonkwo: We must not flee to other countries and hand over control of Nigeria to corrupt leaders.

Labour Party (LP) chieftain, Kenneth Okonkwo, has said fleeing Nigeria to seek greener pastures due to bad leadership is not ideal. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Naija News reports that the country’s economic situation has forced many Nigerians to seek job opportunities and better lifestyles in Western countries.

In a post via X, formerly known as Twitter, Kenneth said everything works perfectly in Western countries; however, there is a better future for Nigerians if the country is well-governed.

The Nollywood actor stressed that irrespective of the privileges enjoyed in other countries, the citizens must work together to realise the vision of a new Nigeria.

He tweeted, “Came over to London on the 3rd of September, 2023, for a brief holiday. I thank God for His grace that endears me to the whole world.

“People of all colours and countries are willing to be nice to me. Everything works here. However, I still believe that awell-governedd Nigeria holds a better future for us all.

“We must not surrender our country to these bad leaders and flee abroad no matter how privileged we may have in those other countries.

“God made you a Nigerian because He wants to use you to bring about a new Nigeria. We must all work together to realise our vision for a new Nigeria.”…… Continue Your Reading

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