Kenneth Okonkwo: The tribunal said the judgement should be broadcast live but refused to televise the proceedings.

Kenneth Okonkwo Reacts To Appointment Of Service Chiefs "This Is Against The Federal Character Principle"

Concerns have been expressed about the procedures used by the presidential election petition court by Kenneth Okonkwo, a well-known attorney and spokesperson for the OBIDATTI Presidential campaign council. On Tuesday, he expressed his opinions on the subject on his official Twitter profile. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The focus of Okonkwo’s statement is the court’s ruling on the broadcasting of proceedings. He claimed that the judge turned down the petitioners’ request for the court hearings to be broadcast on television. Unexpectedly, the court has now decided to televise the verdict, with only the judges being able to speak during this transmission.

He expressed his view that this decision appears to be akin to changing the rules of the game midway through the process. This suggests his dissatisfaction with the inconsistency in the court’s approach to transparency and public access to the proceedings.The context here is tied to the upcoming judgement date for the Presidential Election Petition Case (PEPC). The court’s stance on televising the judgement, while denying the same for the proceedings, has likely sparked discussions and debate, particularly regarding transparency and fairness in the legal process. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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