Kenneth Okonkwo Said. “Reshuffling Cabinet Formed In 77days Instead Of 60days Is Sign Of Confusion And Unpreparedness-Kenneth.”

Kenneth Okonkwo, a spokesperson for the OBIDATTI Presidential campaign committee, claimed that the attempt by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration to reorganise a cabinet that was created in 77 days rather than 60 days demonstrates the administration’s confusion. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

It is no longer news that the president has finally assigned portfolios to some of the ministers that were nominated and cleared by the National Assembly

However, after they were assigned their portfolios, there have been several reactions from social media users

In a recent post that Kenneth Okonkwo made on his official Twitter page, he said that president Tinubu’s administration making moves to reshuffle a cabinet that was formed in 77days instead of 60days shows that the administration is unprepared

According to Okonkwo, that kind of administration is not what Nigeria needs now. Continue Full Reading>>>

Kindly read okonkwo’s full post that he made on his official Twitter page below

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