Ken Okolugbo:”Fubara Is Playing With Justice Omotosho’s Judgement; It Might Come To Hunt Him”

Ken Okolugbo:"Fubara Is Playing With Justice Omotosho's Judgement; It Might Come To Hunt Him"The way that Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara handled Justice Kayode Omotosho’s decision could have serious consequences, public affairs specialist Ken Okolugbo has warned.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking in an interview on TVC’s Politics Tonight, Okolugbo warned that the governor’s decision not to appeal the judgement or acknowledge its authority might be a risky move.

Okolugbo stressed that Justice Omotosho’s decision, which validated the defection of certain lawmakers, could become a serious issue for Fubara if he continues to ignore it.

He likened Fubara’s actions to “playing with fire,” suggesting that this approach might eventually backfire on the governor.

In his analysis, Okolugbo pointed out the potential dangers of disregarding a judicial decision.

He suggested that by not appealing the judgement or seeking its review, Fubara is undermining the judicial process.

This, he said, could set a precedent that might invite further legal challenges and political instability.

Okolugbo’s primary concern is that the governor’s current strategy could lead to unintended consequences.

He advised Fubara to either formally appeal the judgement or to stop engaging in “forum shopping,” a practice where one seeks favourable rulings from different courts to resolve the same issue.

The analyst highlighted the importance of respecting judicial decisions in maintaining the rule of law.

He argued that Fubara’s disregard for the judgement not only undermines the authority of the judiciary but also sets a dangerous example for other political actors.

This behaviour, Okolugbo warned, could lead to a situation where judicial decisions are routinely ignored, resulting in chaos and an erosion of public trust in the legal system.

Ken Okolugbo said, “If there was no judicial notice before Justice Kayode Omotosho stating that these Lamwakers have defected and that judgement has been given, I have said it not once, not twice, that the Governor is playing with that (Omotosho’s) judgement; that judgement might eventually come to hunt him.

“He should either appeal that judgement or stop maybe this forum shopping that has led us to this situation we find in Rivers State.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>