Kano:Police, If gov Yusuf drives bulldozer by himself, We shall allow him to demolish Bayero’ palace

Kano:Police, If gov Yusuf drives bulldozer by himself, We shall allow him to demolish Bayero' palaceThe governor of Kano State, Abba Yusuf, has demanded that deposed Emir Aminu Bayero leave the Nasarawa Palace, calling it a cemetery in need of repair. The governor’s media and publicity director general, Sanusi Bature, made it clear on Arise News that the Nasarawa small palace is really a cemetery for Kano’s deceased emirs rather than a place of abode. Bature underlined Bayero’s safety worries, pointing out that the home serves as the emir’s resting spot during annual celebrations and as a guest house for notable guests.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The situation arises amid legal and political tensions following the repeal of the 2019 Emirate Law, which had established additional emirates like Bichi, Karaye, Gaya, and Rano. Bature pointed out that with the law’s repeal, Bayero’s jurisdiction, as initially defined, no longer exists. He accused former governor Abdullahi Ganduje of undermining the main Kano emirate by creating these additional emirates. Bature stressed the historical significance of the Kano emirate, asserting that it predates Nigeria and its constitution.

The state government has filed an appeal at the appellate court to address the ongoing jurisdictional and legal challenges. Bature reiterated the administration’s determination to resolve the matter, declaring, “It’s a fight to finish.” He also affirmed the reinstatement of Sanusi II as Emir under the new unified emirate law, which consolidates Kano under a single emirate.

Deposed Emir Aminu Bayero

However, the police have criticized Governor Yusuf’s stance on the emirate crisis. An anonymous Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) suggested that the governor’s “arrogance and abuse of court orders” sparked the crisis. The ASP questioned the insistence on evicting Bayero while the case is still pending in court, with a hearing scheduled for June 24, 2024.

The officer warned against any attempts to demolish the Nasarawa Palace, noting that the police had barricaded all entry points to prevent such actions. He indicated that only Governor Yusuf, protected by immunity, could carry out the demolition personally, and even then, it would be documented and reported. According to THE NATION reports, the Police source said, “if the governor drives a bulldozer by himself, given his immunity, we shall allow him to do his wish, but we shall video-record him and file our report”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>