Kano Emirate Tussle:Lawyer, Politicians Are Using This Case To Set Judiciary Up For Destruction

Kano Emirate Tussle:Lawyer, Politicians Are Using This Case To Set Judiciary Up For DestructionFollowing the Federal High Court’s ruling last Thursday, which deposed Muhammadu Sanusi II as the 16th Emir of Kano, several well-known Nigerian lawyers have refrained from speaking. Chief (Dr.) Richard Oma Ahunauogho (SAN), Samuel Jibrin Okutepa (SAN), and Mr. Israel Olorundare (SAN) are among these lawyers. They remained silent since the Court of Appeal was still considering the case and the full verdict was not yet public.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

But in an anonymous statement to reporters, a prominent attorney voiced worries that politicians are exploiting the Kano Emirate issue to weaken the legal system and spark a political upheaval comparable to the unrest in the South West during the First Republic.

Vanguard reported that the senior attorney stated, “As far as I am concerned, politicians are using this case to set the judiciary up for destruction.”

The attorney emphasized the contentious adoption of the new emirate legislation, the overthrow of Emir Ado-Bayero, and the installation of Emir Sanusi II.

The lawyer also brought attention to the court cases and media analyses that surrounded Justice Liman’s recent decision about the legal standing of the Kano Emirate Councils.

The lawyer who wished to remain nameless highlighted that Justice Liman did not have the power to hear the issue since the Supreme Court had declared in Tukur v. Governor of Gongola State that the Federal High Court was not allowed to hear cases involving chieftaincy.

The attorney stressed that Justice Liman should be the target of a removal petition before the National Judicial Council (NJC) in the absence of federal support.

He expressed disapproval of the judicial interpretations, emphasized that the judge lacked the power to hear the case, and issued a warning against the damaging political exploitation of the court system.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>