Kano Emirate Saga:Hashimu Dungurawa, Maybe Tinubu is supporting his brother being a partially Yoruba man


The Vanguard article stated that Hashimu Dungurawa, the chairman of the New Nigeria People’s Party’s Kano State branch, emphasized the relationship between Bayero and the Yoruba people because Bayero’s grandmother was born in Yoruba territory.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He attributed Bayero’s decision to his relationship with President Tinubu, who is seen as showing favoritism towards his fellow Yoruba people.

He cautioned Tinubu against prioritizing ethnic ties over building relationships with other groups, as this could have negative consequences for his presidency and his standing among the Kano people.

He pointed out that the Yoruba population in Kano is small and may not be able to significantly impact Tinubu’s electoral prospects.

He suggested that Tinubu should instead focus on fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity to ensure a smoother tenure and greater support from the broader population.

Hashimu Dungurawa said this while reacting to the Emirate saga in Kano State.

He said, “Because of the inclination they (Bayero) are having with the Yoruba. As you know, his grand mother came from Yoruba land. They want to bring agenda here. The rest have agreed to depart their houses but because of his relationship with Tinubu. He was saying as his brother is the head of state, he can not move out. That is why all these things they are doing, we are just looking and watching them.

We are appealing to Tinubu, maybe now, he is supporting his brother being a partially Yoruba man but when election comes, they are few in number here, they cannot make any difference here for him. So if I were him, I will develop sense of maturity being the head of state to carry everybody along so that, i will have easy crossing and stay. But what he is doing, he is adding salt to the wound because Kano people previously are not with him and didn’t vote for him. And now, he is bring more unpopularity for himself.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>