Kanayo said. “The Day You Give Igbo Man Presidency, That’s The Day Nigeria Will Discover Why It’s Nigeria”

Kanayo said. "The Day You Give Igbo Man Presidency, That's The Day Nigeria Will Discover Why It's Nigeria"In a podcast conversation with Nigerian comedian Nedu Ani, well-known actor Kanayo O Kanayo recently shared his thoughts on the potential consequences of an Igbo person becoming President of Nigeria. He claimed that events of this nature will drastically alter the country and result in great wealth and economic advancement.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Kanayo O. Kanayo discussed his opinions on marriage and religion during the talk, saying that monogamy is not a part of his culture and that religion has occasionally had a negative impact on society.

But his remarks on the presidency were especially significant since he stressed that an Igbo president would usher in a revolutionary period for Nigeria, accompanied by prosperity and economic advancement. His remarks have generated discussion and curiosity among Nigerians, underscoring the importance of a range of viewpoints in the nation’s political environment.

Nonetheless, Kanayo O. Kanayo said the following while discussing the presidency: “The day you give Igbo man presidency in this country, that’s the day Nigeria will discover why it is Nigeria. Economically, people will begin to say hallelujah.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>