JUST-IN: Responses to Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour’s Native Language Greetings to ‘Isese’ Worshippers

Following Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, the labour party’s candidate for governor of Lagos State, sending wishes to all believers of “Isese,” there have been a number of responses. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The labour party’s candidate for governor of Lagos State opened his address to the congregation. In his mother tongue, Yoruba, and some online users have responded to it.

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, after sending his greetings in his native language, proceeded to commend some of the South West governors for recognizing the ‘Isese’ festival. He said by doing so, they are celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the yoruba people

He also stated that when Nigerians embrace their diversity and tradition, it is a bold testament to a shared commitment to unity and inclusivity. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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