JUST-IN: Locals in Zamfara abducted the families of bandits

JUST-IN: Locals in Zamfara abducted the families of bandits

Because of the way some communities are reacting by detaining and kidnapping the families of some bandits, Nigeria’s security problem has on a new dimension. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

According to the BBC, some youngsters from Zamfara state’s Birnin Magaji region abducted the spouses of some bandits, including a pregnant woman.

The youths claimed that they took this action after the bandits kidnapped seven locals and their vehicles.

The youths said that they will not release the wives of the bandits, who have been holding them hostage, until their husbands release some of the local people who they kidnapped recently.

A man from the area where the incident happened, who preferred to remain anonymous, elaborated on this incident:

“There has been a lot of concern and then these bandit women came, and the youths said that they will not pass and they will not release them until our brothers who were arrested are brought,” he said.

The resident of the area said that the bandits called their wives on the phone and asked them to try to release them because they were in a ‘difficult situation’.

The young man also denied the allegations that the residents of the area have taken the law into their own hands:

“This is already tied to us, we have lost how to deal with our lives, it’s not safe to go out to the forest, it’s not good to stay back home, it’s not safe to lie down.

According to reports, the bandits kidnapped the people of Birnin Magaji from the farm, according to a local man, who also did not want to be named:

“They were at work, when about ten of these gunmen, surrounded them with guns, when the farmers saw that they were stronger than they are, they cooperated and were taken away,” he said.

The bandits kidnapped 7 people at first but eventually one of them returned home.

The locals they are abducting include 4 men and 2 women.

The focus is now on how this tug-of-war will play out, between youths and bandits in the area of ​​Birnin Magaji in Zamfara State. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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