JUST IN!!! How Peter Obi Sent Me On Drug Mission, Lady Recounts Near Death Experience

JUST IN!!! How Peter Obi Sent Me On Drug Mission, Lady Recounts Near Death Experience

Peter Obi remains one of the most unreported politicians in Nigeria’s history who made so much wealth from drugs and alleged human trafficking.  Continue Reading>>>

Many Nigerians seem unaware of the real man behind the mask of the one who comes as an overnight messiah with no plans, record of previous good performances or path to good governance.

Asari Dokubo said Peter Obi is Escoba that want to be Nigeria President and this will spell doom for the nation.

Peter Obi a former governor of Anambra, former vice presidential candidate of the peoples democratic party and the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the last election, where he also lost to the ruling party, who had come under the pretense of a saint has been discovered to be a drug warlord and trafficker for decades. Continue Reading>>>

In a damning report published by sun newspaper in 2016, reports show how a Nigerian girl was arrested for drug trafficking in Peru and she confessed that she was forced to ferry the cocaine by an African drug gang headed by the former governor of Anambra state.

Unfortunately for Miss Chinenyenwa Ezewuzie, 21 at the time of the report, it was a mission of survival which came with force and near death experience over a debt owed by her father Mr. Okelue Ezewuzie to Mr Peter Obi.

Unfortunately luck was not on the side of young Ezewuzie as she was caught with £1.5 million worth of cocaine in her suitcase at Lima International Airport on August 1th 2016 and she insisted she had been forced to carry the drugs and pleaded guilty then plead that she could be allowed walk free from prison in less than three years.

Shedding light on what transpired about the money owed, she said it was a land dispute with their kindred members and her poor father has no means to pursue the case, so he seek Mr.Peter Obi assistance to help secure the land and it was agreed that after 8 months the money he Peter Obi will spend on the land dispute will be refunded.

Unfortunately Okelue was able to pay above 50% but unable to pay back the balance before the agreed 8month period agreed upon, Peter Obi was enraged with the family and decided to forcefully take 10 plots from the said land and left just 2plots for the family,

still not satisfied he kept pestering the poor family for balance of the money.

The young lady who didn’t bother to cover up the Labour party presidential candidate decided to let the cat out of the bag as she was forced at gun point to carry the drugs so as to offset the money her father( Mr. Okelue Ezewuzie) owe Mr. Peter Obi.

Chinenyenwa stated that her family have pleaded countless times with chief Peter Obi to consider their financial condition but all to no avail, she added that it was during one of their family visits to chief Peter obi to beg that the former governor spotted her and asked her family to release her to start working for him in his Abuja Shopping Mall to make up the remaining balance.

She said that her family didn’t object and she traveled to Abuja for the job.

She went further to say she was working with NEXT Shopping Mall and her father and Peter Obi were from same native town of Agulu in Anaocha local Government Area of Anambra state.

Chinenyenwa claimed that she only spent two short weeks working for Chief Peter Obi at his NEXT Abuja Mall, during which time Peter Obi took her virginity and transformed her into an intimate object.

She described how Obi used her against her will to meet his unquenchable sexual lust.

As if that weren’t enough, Peter and the group of cocaine dealers threatened to kill her if she didn’t agree to transport their contraband.

She agreed under pressure to transport narcotics for Peter Obi, and while doing so, she was apprehended.

In order to help the police find Peter and the other gang members, Miss Chinenyenwa said she initially proclaimed her innocence.

However, she has since realized that this was a “too risky” course of action. I cannot take that risk and face 15 to 25 years in prison after being found guilty at trial, she continued, pausing to gather herself as her voice wavered with emotion.

In terms of attempting to find Peter and the gang to gather evidence, the local authorities have done nothing. I informed them of my knowledge, but it almost seems as though they don’t want to investigate.

That Peter Obi, a man who sends children to an early grave, should be protected by the authorities and allowed to be walking openly on the street has been so frustrating and depressing.

They don’t think I was coerced, and they appear to think it’s my responsibility to locate the proof, but doing so while incarcerated is very challenging. I beg the Nigerian government to look into Chief Peter Obi and prosecute him, Chinenyenwa concluded.

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