JUST-IN: According to Abayomi Arabambi: “Everyone giving us problem in LP are from PDP And we told them we won’t shift ground.”

Everyone who is causing problems for the Labour Party is from the PDP, according to Dr. Abayomi Arabambi, the party’s factional national press secretary. They have been told that they won’t change their positions. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Abayomi Arabambi made the statement in an interview with Arise News during the Newsday program when he was asked, he claimed that some people in the party are not respecting the court order, asking that didn’t he think Labour Party is starting to look like other parties it tries to be a relative

departure from in the eyes of the electorate which might potentially affect the performance of the party afterwards.

Abayomi Arabambi said that with due respect to PDP, they have problem with the invested individual that actually came to invade Labour Party from PDP.

“Everyone giving us problem in Labour Party are from PDP and we have told them we won’t shift our ground.” He said the motto of their party is justice and equality. He said the Labour Party constitution said that the national chairman is the same as ordinary members of the party, and therefore Labour Party is not like PDP mentality they brought.

He said when they all came with Peter Obi, they came with PDP attitude that someone is the leader whereas it is not so in the constitution. He said they have already told Peter Obi and others, they won’t shift ground. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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