Joshua Iginla says: “Never judge a man by his deeds; examine his heart because a man can fake his deeds.”


Speaking, the cleric reportedly said, “The quality of your life is reflected in the content of your HEART. Your true self is reflected in the mirror of your heart. Your life cannot be right if your heart isn’t in the proper place. He said, “Never judge a man by his actions; rather, look at his heart, for a man can fake his actions but never his heart. According to Matthew 12:35, a good man produces good things from his good heart’s treasure, and an evil man produces bad things from his evil heart’s treasure. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The last thing he said was, “Make sure your heart is right with God and men in all you do, since judgment will start from the heart. In Jesus’ name, I declare over your life today that God will reveal anyone trying to harm you who is hiding in your life.…… Continue Your Reading

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