Ireti Kingibe “Whenever Wike Comes And Talks, You Should Verify; I Want To Be His Friend”

Ireti Kingibe, Wike Said I Claim I Am The Senator Of FCT And He's Not Obliged To Deal With MeRepresenting the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Ireti Kingibe has expressed a sincere desire to become friends with Nyesom Wike and has encouraged him to back up his claims with proof.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking in an interview on Arise TV’s This Day Live programme, Kingibe highlighted the need for verification, stressing the importance of substantiating claims.

Kingibe addressed the ongoing rumours about her alleged involvement in land grabbing, firmly stating that she has no interest in acquiring multiple plots of land.

She clarified that her interactions with Wike have been limited to committee meetings, which led her to question the basis of his claims of their friendship.

Kingibe emphasised the significance of verifying the authenticity of Wike’s claims whenever he spoke.

She noted that without proper verification, misinformation can easily spread, causing unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding.

Kingibe said, “Whenever honourable minister Wike comes and talks, you should verify; I want to be his friend, he should show you the indicators of friendship with somebody you’ve never spoken to one on one.

“I have only spoken to him across a long table in a committee meeting, so how does friendship come into our relationship?”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>