Introducing Olawale Edun, the new Presidential Advisor on Monetary Policies for Nigeria.

In the last couple of weeks since the inauguration of President Tinubu, a lot of names have been in the news. From the names of new appointees to suspended public office holders, and even the newly inaugurated Legislature at both federal and state levels, there are a lot of names to trackCONTINUE READING>>>>>

Of particular interest to us is the appointment of Chief Adebayo Olawale Edun as the Presidential Adviser on Monetary Policies. If anyone was ever in doubt about the impact of monetary policies, the January to March 2023 experience with the cashless policy must have cleared that doubt

So, let’s meet the man who will now be advising the president on issues such as this….. Continue Your Reading

Wale Edun’s background

Known popularly as Wale Edun, his pedigree dates back more than four decades. He has career experience that spans merchant banking, corporate finance, economics and international finance at national and international levels. He is an economist, with both first and Master’s Degrees in Economics, from the University of London and the University of Sussex, England

Edun worked at Chase Merchant Bank as the Head of Treasury and then as Deputy Head of Corporate Finance. These positions put him in charge of the bank’s Treasury and Money Market activities. He was responsible for the Capital Market and Financial Advisory operations and had to represent several local subsidiaries and affiliates of major multinational companies

While still at Chase Merchant Bank, he was seconded to the Wall Street firms of Lehman Brothers and Chase Manhattan Capital Markets Corporation in New York, USA. By 1980, Edun was sent down to work at Chase Merchant Bank (later Continental) in Lagos, Nigeria and he worked there till 1986.

In September 1986, Wale Edun joined the World Bank/IFC in Washington DC, USA through the elite Young Professionals program in September 1986, allowing him to further broaden his international experience. He worked on economic and financial packages for some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic and Trinidad as well as Indonesia and India in the Far East

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