Insurgency was fueled by poverty and unemployment, Boko Haram’s leaders told Obasanjo.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo cited the founders of Boko Haram, a terrorist organization in Nigeria, as saying that unemployment and poverty were the main causes of their struggle. Speaking on Friday at the presentation of his daughter’s book “Pillars of Statecraft: Nation-building in a Changing World,” Obasanjo highlighted that if Nigeria’s over 20 million out-of-school children’s situation is not promptly addressed, they may grow up to join Boko Haram.

He said that by seeking out scapegoats rather than addressing the root causes of the difficulties, the nation’s worst problems are caused. Boko Haram representatives emphasized their desire for a better life and their belief in Sharia law during an encounter with Obasanjo, who informed them that Sharia law was already a part of Nigeria’s constitution. Obasanjo then described his account of the encounter. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Obasanjo added that some insurgent group members admitted to attending education but being unable to find employment. He questioned if it was fair to condemn them for seeking a living and underlined the significance of leadership and good administration in the development of a country. He emphasized that Nigerians must own responsibility for their problems rather than placing the blame elsewhere. Obasanjo expressed alarm over the enormous number of youngsters who are not attending school, saying that doing so could lead to the creation of future organizations similar to Boko Haram.

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