Inside Reasons Why 17 of Sanwo-Olu’s Cabinet Nominees Were Rejected by the Lagos Assembly

Inside Reasons Why 17 of Sanwo-Olu's Cabinet Nominees Were Rejected by the Lagos Assembly

Emerging details have revealed why the Lagos State House of Assembly rejected 17 out of the 39 cabinet nominees submitted by Governor Sanwo-Olu for screening. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The legislative body with Mudashiru Obase as Speaker confirmed only 22.

SocietyNow.Ng gathered that the rejection of the remaining 17 nominees has to do with the push by the Lagos Assembly for proper reflection of the voting might of different areas as well as the inclusion of some of the totally sidelined places.

“The Lawmakers are insisting that the 39 names submitted by the Governor for the position of commissioners do not do justice to the collective political efforts that gave him a second term in office” SocietyNow.Ng learned.

The listing reportedly poke-hand in the eyes of influential politicians and political bases in the name of appointing “technocrats”.

According to those in the know nominations for commissioners usually reflect the political might of different areas, especially taking into consideration targetted and delivered votes – with provisions made for all areas.

The recent nominations by Sanwo-Olu reportedly snub these “political tenets” insiders claim.

“This is what the Lagos State House of Assembly is trying to redress with the rejection of 17 out of 39 of nominees forwarded by Sanwo-Olu” SocietyNow.Ng gathered.…… Continue Your Reading

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