Inconsistencies are found by the Nasarawa Election Tribunal as crucial documents disappear.

Inconsistencies are found by the Nasarawa Election Tribunal as crucial documents disappear.

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In a significant development at the Nasarawa State Governorship Election Tribunal, today’s proceedings saw the lead counsel of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Ombugadu J S OKUTEPA (SAN), present crucial evidence. The tribunal delved into the heart of the case by calling on key witnesses who shed light on alleged irregularities during the 2023 General Elections.

The spotlight was on the Head of Department of INEC ICT in Nasarawa State, the first supoen witness, who was questioned regarding the submission of documents. Among the documents requested were BVAS screenshots printouts from affected polling units.

However, only two copies were produced, falling short of the expected five. The witness claimed that the remaining three copies were mysteriously missing.

The spotlight then shifted to the star witness of the day, Barr Ayiwulu Baba Ayiwulu, the PDP State Collation Agent. Ayiwulu highlighted multiple documents generated from INEC BVAS IREV that were not correctly collated according to the INEC Guidelines for the 2023 General Elections.

The witness pointed out discrepancies in the collation of Form EC8As, EC8Bs, and related documents for Governorship and State Assembly results in several constituencies. These inconsistencies encompassed key areas such as Azara, Kanje/Aburi, Gaiyam, Ciroma, Ashige, Aliwaza Mada, Ningo/Boha, Shege, Gadabuke, Lafia North, and Lafia Central State Assembly Constituencies.

Ayiwulu emphasized that the errors extended to wrongly collated scores and unlawfully canceled results. The witness clarified that such irregularities were prevalent throughout the last Governorship elections in Nasarawa state. The tribunal was urged to utilize the original and certified copies of Form EC8As to ensure accurate compilation of the results.

Cross-examinations were conducted by representatives of the first, second, and third respondents (INEC, APC, and A A Sule) respectively. Ayiwulu maintained that the elections were plagued by irregularities and human errors, emphasizing the need for a correct compilation of results based on the original forms.

In a significant turn of events, PDP’s lead counsel, J S OKUTEPA SAN, announced the conclusion of their case, passing the baton to the defense of the first, second, and third respondents.

In response, Isiaka Dikko (SAN), representing the first respondent, INEC, expressed readiness for the defense. The INEC is poised to begin presenting their case on the 18th of August, 2023.

As the INEC prepares its defense, the outcome of this legal battle could potentially reshape the political landscape of the state.…… Continue Your Reading

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