In the politics that brought in OBJ, he had already decided who will take over from him– According to Uma Eleazu

Before his life’s path took a different turn, 88-year-old Elder Uma Eleazu had aspirations of becoming a preacher, according to Daily Trust. His career path took him to study overseas twice before coming home to Nigeria, where he made important contributions to the political and industrial sectors of the nation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Kola Abiola, who ventured into politics by running for the presidency under the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) in 2023, has faced scrutiny from his brother Abdul. According to a report by the Daily Post, Abdul lamented Kola’s inability to maintain their father’s political legacy and unify the family.

In a candid discussion on Seun Okinbaloye’s podcast, “Mic On,” Abdul stated that MKO Abiola’s legacy would have been better preserved if Kola had embodied the democratic values their father championed. He expressed disappointment that Kola chose a different path, which, in Abdul’s view, has not honored their father’s legacy.

Abdul also disclosed troubling aspects of Kola’s past, including his relationship with Babangida’s daughter during their father’s imprisonment. Abdul remarked that it is unfortunate and finds some solace in the fact that their father did not live to witness what his first son has become, indicating a significant departure from the values MKO Abiola held dear.

While expressing his dissatisfaction further, Abdul pointed out the apparent discontent among Nigerians regarding Kola’s presidential campaign. He questioned how Kola could aspire to be president when he has struggled to manage the Abiola business empire effectively. Abdul also highlighted a broader issue within Nigerian society, noting that many people fail to demonstrate competence in their immediate responsibilities yet aspire to higher positions.

According to him, “MKO Abiola’s legacy would have been more effectively preserved if Kola had taken a stronger stance and embodied the democratic values my father championed. Unfortunately, he chose a different path.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>