In 2003, Peter Obi provided 300 witnesses over the course of three years to demonstrate irregularities – Liborous Oshoma, Anambra

According to Liborous Oshoma, a lawyer, it took Peter Obi three years and almost 300 witnesses to prove there were irregularities in the 2004 governorship race in Anambra. In an interview with Arise News, he stated this. Oshoma claims that today’s petitioners prefer to concentrate on the technical facets of the election process instead, realizing the difficulties involved in proving electoral violations within a constrained time frame of six months. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

“The Supreme Court in the case of the governorship election in Osun state where documents were presented from INEC’s backend server and the court said no, these are not enough for you to prove election irregularities, you must also call the witnesses or you examine all the BVAS machines,” according to Oshoma. In just six months, how many BVAS machines can you examine? Therefore, you must demonstrate abnormalities at the polling unit level and they must also be significant enough to alter the outcome. Therefore, petitioners choose the technical areas they believe will be simpler and avoid those they know they will not have enough time to show.

The attorney went on to say, “Now you don’t have the luxury of time to call more than 100 witnesses. In the case of Peter Obi in Anambra State, it took them about three years to prove anomalies and they summoned 300 witnesses. The petitioner in one of the cases I handled in Abia State called roughly 29 witnesses, but the court ruled that this was insufficient in a senatorial district election with about 100 polling places.…… Continue Your Reading

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