I’m One of Those Benin People who Answer Yoruba Names, so my ‘Beniness’ is Questioned—According to Olumide Akpata

Gov Sim Fubara"Whoever is Assuring Anybody Anywhere of Whatever, I Advise Them to Desist from it"The governorship candidate for the Labour Party, Olumide Akpata, has disclosed that some have questioned his status as a Benin native because of his Yoruba name. Akpata discussed how his royal father’s public recognition of him as a legitimate Benin son was a momentous occasion that validated his heritage in an interview with Channels Television.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Akpata explained that his use of a Yoruba name has led to doubts about his Benin roots, with some questioning his authenticity as a Benin person. However, he added that the endorsement from his royal father has put those doubts to rest, confirming his true identity.

According to him, “It was a glorious moment for me, firstly because my royal father confirmed to the world that I am a true Benin son. You may not understand why that is an issue because, for me, in the course of my very short political career, one issue that has dugged my entry into politics is the question as to whether I’m actually a Benin man or not. I’m one of those Benin people who answers Yoruba names, so in Benin City, my ‘Beniness’ has been called into question now and again.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>